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Advantages of Oil Filled Transformers
Read about the benefits of using oil filled transformers and why they are more efficient when handling larger production requirements.

Oil Filled Transformer Applications

Information on the different types of job applications, and how they benefit from using oil filled transformers.

Oil Filled Transformer Features
Read about the many features that oil filled transformers provide to make operation of job applications more efficient.

Oil Filled Transformer Fluid
Resource on what kind of fluids are used for coolant and insulating factors in an oil filled transformer.

Maintenance of an Oil Filled Transformer
Listing of factors to consider for the care and longevity of an oil filled transformers.

Oil Filled Transformer Requirements
Explanation of code and installation requirements that meet facility standards for production and safety issues.

Selection of an Oil Filled Transformer
A brief summary of issues to consider when selecting an oil filled transformer that will meet your specific power needs.

Oil Filled and Other Types of Transformers
Read about the benefits of oil filled transformers in comparison to other types of transformers.

TEMCo can ship oil filled transformers anywhere in the world, even very remote areas.

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Oil Filled and Other Types of Transformers

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Why You Should Know About Oil Filled and Other Types of Transformers

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The topic of this website is Oil filled Transformers, and please be sure to study all the articles in this site for extensive information.  However, in your endeavor to find an electrical transformer that will manage and operate your power requirements, you should know about other types of transformers for the best selection of an oil filled transformerOil filled and other types of transformers are designed for specific types of job applications.  So choosing a transformer that doesn't meet your voltage needs could be hazardous to your equipment and also cause lost revenue.

Call TEMCo for the best oil filled and other types of transformers at wholesale pricing.This is one reason why it is extremely important to use a reputable manufacturer such as TEMCo Electric Company for the best oil filled transformer possible.  TEMCo can answer all your questions on oil filled and other types of transformers that would be compatible with your electrical needs.  Unless you are a professional in the field of electricity, get advice before selecting the wrong transformer.

Be Sure to Work With TEMCo for Advice on an Oil Filled Transformer or Other Types of Transformers

How do you know if you are about to select the correct transformer?  Read this entire page on Oil Filled and Other Types of Transformers to help you find the transformer that may be more suitable.  You definitely need to talk with TEMCo’s very qualified engineers to make sure you have chosen the best piece of equipment for the operation of your production system.  There are so many issues to consider, and you need to be aware of all the oil filled transformer features that need to be included in your electrical design.

TEMCo can answer any questions on oil filled transformers or otherIt is best to work with professional engineers for the correct choice of oil filled and other types of transformers. types of transformers, just make one phone call.  They are the experts!  TEMCo has been in business for over 40 years, and they have helped other nations and third world countries achieve optimal electrical power even in very remote areas.  They ship oil filled and other types of transformers all over the world and within a few days of placing your order.  In addition, they use their state-of-the-art technology in your specific electrical power design.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, TEMCo engineers are there for you and your company's needs.

Other Than Oil Filled, Below is a Brief Description of Other Types of Transformers That are Frequently Used

Isolation Transformers – Have electrostatic shields and are used for power supplies for sensitive equipment such as computers or laboratory instruments.  Isolation transformers are used to decouple two circuits, and they block transmission of DC signals from one circuit to the other, but allow AC signals to pass.  Aside from oil filled transformers, other types of transformers are not always suited for more delicate equipment.

Step-Up Transformers – Transformer’s secondary voltage is greater than the primary winding’s voltage.  Step-up transformers increase the voltage that is applied to the primary windings, thus making the secondary windings higher in electrical voltage.  When stepping up electrical voltage, other types of transformers may not be correct.  Step-up transformers are specifically designed to increase voltage from a lesser power source.

Step-Down Transformers – Transformer's primary windings are greater than its secondary windings.  Step-down transformers work the opposite of step-up types.  They are used when electrical input is greater than the required power load.  The electrical current is stepped down in the secondary windings so that output is of a lesser voltage.

Distribution Transformers – Are used in electrical power distribution and transmission power.  Distribution transformers have high power factors with continuous voltage rating.

Dry Type Transformers – Uses air as a coolant and is used where health and environment concerns are an issue.  They are used in schools, hospitals and commercial buildings where there are large groups of people.  Dry type transformers are safe and dependable.

Auto Transformers – Can step up or step down single or three-phase voltage.  Auto transformers have one winding, which is common to both the primary and secondary circuits.  The current in the higher voltage circuit flows through the series and other common windings.  In an autotransformer, a portion of the same winding acts as part of both the primary and secondary winding.

Voltage Transformers – Used for metering high-voltage circuits.  Voltage transformers have a more precise voltage ratio for stepping down high voltages so that metering and protective relay equipment can be operated at a lower electrical potential.

Read all the Articles in the Oil Filled Transformer Website

After reading about oil filled transformers and other types of transformers, call TEMCo for a free consultation!There are articles to the left and right of each page in this website.  Be sure to read everything you can to make the best selection of a transformer for your particular custom job requirements.  Read about oil filled and other types of transformers listed above along with all the other web page information to try and eliminate any confusion.  Call TEMCo, they can answer all your questions on oil filled and other types of transformers.  After all, they are the leading transformer manufacturers and distributors in today's marketplace, and TEMCo can make your job much easier!  It's impossible knowing all electrical aspects of most oil filled transformer job applications.

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Oil Filled and Other Types of Transformers

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Oil Filled Transformers

Oil Filled
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Why TEMCo is the leading manufacturer and distributor of oil filled transformers worldwide. Information about TEMCo's high standards, and why working with their highly educated engineers will insure that your equipment will  operate with excellent production results.

TEMCo Distributes only High Quality Transformers
TEMCo uses only the highest of quality materials and has long-term warranties.  Their excellent reputation is why they are the leading manufacturer of oil filled transformers.

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